Our Story

Ron Family

Aloha, we are the rons and we are the owners of La Kai Veganry.

We, Michael & Theresa, started this veganry for our two boys, Dylan James and Luke Greyson. Lā Kai are their names in Hawaiian. Lā is for Luke which means sun. Kai is for Dylan which means sea or seawater.
Tangent: When it came to choosing what our son's names would be, we wanted it to mean something to us.

Luke: Light giving
Dylan: Son of the wave/sea or born from the ocean

Hawaii has a special place in our hearts. (a story for another day)

Now back to our story...
We meaning me, Theresa, who has always loved baking, started to bake vegan for our firstborn son, Dylan James. When Dylan was only 3 months old, we found out he was allergic to eggs. He had such bad skin issues, we sought out answers from our pediatrician, allergist and a dermatologist. 

I was breastfeeding so I had to eliminate eggs out of my diet as well and I loved eggs! But I loved sweets more. I couldn't eat cookies or brownies or even birthday cake!!!!

To make matters worse at 7 months, we found out he was also allergic to milk and peanuts. I'm not sure what was worse...me not being able to eat anything with eggs, milk, peanuts or having to toss our stash of frozen breast milk from the freezer. (Trust me: it was a lot!) It was very depressing. I cried over spilled breast milk after pumping. Just imagine how I was after this.

Fast forward now,
Dylan is now allergic to much more including several Tree Nuts. I feel like every time we go to the allergist list keeps getting longer. Unfortunately, he so allergic to at least half of his food allergies that we have to carry around an epi-pen.

2.5 years later, I have become a darn good vegan baker and we just want to share our goodies with food allergy families while catering to their allergies and as well as the vegan community.

We hope you take a chance on us.

The Rons
Michael, Theresa, Dylan James & Luke Greyson